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Draper Farms Local Sustainable Agriculture Project -- to donate click here
Draper Farms supports a wide variety of projects on the farm including a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, pollinator education, and farm and pollination research studies.

-- University of California at Davis Epidemiology Study
-- United States Bee Buffer Project/Pollinator Partnership
-- Pollinator Education
-- Agricultural Institute of Marin

Electronic Hive Monitoring project in partnership with -- to donate click here

Certified Treatment Free Queen Bee Project -- to donate click here
Our Certified Treatment Free Queen Bee Project supports our efforts to create and manage our project to certify queen bee producers who are providing treatment free queen bees with resistant and locally suited genetics.

Natural Selection Beekeepers -- to donate click here
Natural Selection Beekeepers is a consortium of people who are working their bees using sound treatment free beekeeping strategies.